Bac Lieu Wind Power Zone has officially become a typical tourist destination of the Mekong Delta. This is the 9th typical tourist destination of Bac Lieu province, the most among 13 provinces and cities in this region.

On March 1, leaders of the Tourism Management Department (Department of Culture, Information, Sports and Tourism of Bac Lieu province) said that the Mekong Delta Tourism Association has officially recognized Bac Lieu Wind Power Area as a tourist destination. typical calendar of the Mekong Delta.

Thus, up to now, Bac Lieu province has had 9 typical tourist destinations in the Mekong Delta. Eight sites have been recognized previously, including: Uncle Ho's Temple, Southern Don ca tai tu art memorial area and musician Cao Van Lau, Hung Vuong Square, Hunan eco-tourism area, Nhan beach Create-Nha Mat Tourist Area, Quan Am Phat Dai Area, Bac Lieu Hotel, Bac Lieu Prince's House.



The names listed above (mostly in Bac Lieu city) are considered as "key" points of Bac Lieu tourism industry in attracting tourists to this province in recent times. In which, there are places every day where thousands of people come to visit and visit, such as: Hung Vuong Square, Quan Am Phat Dai, Bac Lieu Prince's House, ...

Bac Lieu Wind Power Area is also known by many as "wind power field" or "winder field", located in the coastal area of ​​Vinh Trach Dong commune (Bac Lieu city, Bac Lieu province), more than city center. 10km. This is the first wind power project in Vietnam and a large project in Bac Lieu province built in 2010 with an investment of thousands of billions of dong. Currently, there are 62 towers and turbines located on the sea. Each turbine is about 80m high, the propeller is 42m long,... looks very majestic.

Over the past time, tens of thousands of people have come here to admire the beauty of the "wind power field", which is one of the places that is considered to have the most beautiful souvenir photographing scenery in Bac Lieu today.

By being recognized as a typical tourist destination in the Mekong Delta, Bac Lieu Wind Power Area is "raised" and has a "position" more than it was called as an attraction before. And when it becomes a tourist destination, this will be an indispensable destination for tourists from all over the world when they return to the land of "The Prince of Bac Lieu".