You can rent a speedboat to go from An Thoi port to Mong Tay island, it only takes about 30 minutes. From the shore looking at the natural scenery is very impressive, green coconut trees stand tall along the coast, white sand stretches long in the sun.

The sea water is so clear that you can clearly see the coral reef below, each shape and color shows up vividly.

Since Mong Tay island was known, it has become one of the more attractive tourist destinations than some islands in Phu Quoc. The original beauty of this place is still preserved, not much affected by human hands.

Natural beauty is the unique point that makes visitors excited. From afar, the island is as green as a pearl, standing out against a cloudless sky.

Coming here, you will be immersed in nature, being a part of peaceful nature. There are very few restaurants on the island, so you should prepare all the essential items to enjoy your vacation on the "wild island" full of excitement. This place is really suitable for those who love to explore, picnic with their loved ones.

You can prepare tents, food to set up an overnight camp right on the beach, light a fire, sing and talk all night.

In the rainy season, there are nights when the sky is extremely clear, without a cloud cover, it feels like an endless space, the more tired you look. Especially after a rain, the sky becomes clearer, the stars appear shimmering in the night sky, a scene that you can't find everywhere.

With the space of "a deserted island" in such a "thousand-star" hotel, you will surely have unforgettable experiences.

In the early morning, the dawn on the sea is very beautiful, the sea water dimly in the morning sunlight gradually appears attractive jade green, below the diverse shapes and colors of coral reefs. Immersed in the cool blue water makes the spirit awake and refreshed, feeling like being gently massaged by nature, awakening each sense in the body.

On the island there are many new places that have not been booked yet, you can bring your camera and start your exploration around the island. Trees and weeds grow naturally in the true sense of a deserted island, so you will have the opportunity to hunt for unique and fancy photos.

You will enjoy many fun activities, free to play and travel on the island.

Diving to see the coral reefs on the island.

You can rent a diving suit to see firsthand the beauty of the coral reefs under the sea here. This will probably be an unforgettable experience when you are free to dive, swim with schools of beautiful small fish, touch the colorful coral reefs, swim through the green seaweeds.

Fishing on Mong Tay island

In addition, you can rent canoes to go out to the shore to fish, fish around the island quite a lot, the feeling of snatching each fish brought ashore as a trophy is really interesting. After fishing, you can bring it back to the island to process and enjoy, fresh seafood is extremely safe, very beneficial for health, providing a lot of protein. A day with so many experiences on the island will make you just want to stay on the island and not return.

In the middle of the sea, strangely beautiful waves, people seem to be smaller and a little self-deprecating compared to the natural beauty of Mong Tay island. A space as beautiful and poetic as a paradise on the ground makes anyone feel a sense of recovery and lightheadedness.

Watch the sunset on Mong Tay Island

Making people's souls calm, space settles, time flows gently like each fine grain of sand gradually drifting along the waves of the sea. The afternoon scene is a bit sad but very romantic. Every last ray of sunshine of a beautiful day gradually sinks from the sea, as if the sea is trying to swallow the endless light source.

Watching the sunset on Nail Island will surely bring you many memorable moments, especially when you do it with your other half.

The number of people living on the island is not high, the natural beauty is dreamy, the wild scenery is interesting conditions for this place to become an ideal "escape" address. Drop your soul into the sea and sky, mingle with nature, fall in love with the soft sand, the gentle waves bring the feeling of really living, living in the most sincere way.