Recently, Thien Lam Pagoda has become one of the "hot" check-in addresses in Hue. This place is known as the "golden pagoda land" in the heart of the ancient capital.

The most prominent in the architecture of Thien Lam pagoda is the superficial golden spire stupa. The top of the tower tens of meters above the sky, majestic by its height and delicate reliefs. The main tower is the symbol, the typical face of Theravada Buddhism at this 60-year-old temple.

Gathered in the spacious space with the stupa are green trees, sculptures and miniatures that are created and adorned with talent. With a sincere heart and an ordinary camera phone, right after the magic click, you have the right photos. Therefore, many tourists visiting Thien Lam Pagoda thought they were lost in the land of golden pagodas with temples, colors and architecture.

Meanwhile, many young people choose Thien Lam pagoda to preserve their youth. Sophisticated and invested, they choose to put on traditional Chakkri (Thai traditional costume) to check-in the land of golden pagodas right in the heart of Hue street. Under the wide sky, the clouds fly loosely, the youth is beautiful and full of life as if it was kept intact. And it's also fun because not only Thien Lam Pagoda, Hue Citadel, temples and mausoleums are also places not to be missed on the journey to mark the youth of those young people.

Another feature of Thien Lam Pagoda is its exquisite beauty, regardless of the weather. Amidst the rare sunny days in the series of rainy days in Hue, the landscape of the temple is full of life, the weather is extremely suitable for walking and sightseeing. More unique, under the pouring rain, it enhances the unique beauty of Thien Lam Pagoda.

For me, in addition to the majestic, unique architecture and unmistakable beauty, the most special thing about Thien Lam Pagoda is the scent of ylang-ylang. Like adding to the beauty of the temple, the ancient jade orchid canopy right next to the stupa seems to never stop giving incense. Shining around a corner of the pagoda, the jade orchid wings fluttered in the wind, releasing a sweet, fragrant scent into the space. Picking up fallen petals, looking up at the stupa, all worries in my heart disappeared. Peace came as quickly as a shower in the middle of a hot summer afternoon.

Visiting Thien Lam Pagoda with the Indian look is not far away, but you only need to travel on a motorbike for about ten minutes from Dien Bien Phu or Le Ngo Cat street to turn to Thanh Hai street (Hue city). Going for a while, there is a large signboard, follow the signboard to get there. On the way to find that beauty, after visiting Thien Lam, you can visit Tu Hieu ancient temple, Quang Te pagoda with many new things.

After the storms of No. 13, the jade orchid canopy of Thien Lam Pagoda still stretches out next to the stupa. The ivory-colored swan petals still radiate fragrance, emitting into the quiet space of the unique temple the scent of the quintessence of heaven and earth. The scent of ylang-ylang, the smell of turpentine ringing, and the fresh air in the small hilly area is so soothing. The scent of flowers, grass, and earth has been bringing a sense of peace and optimism to tourists from all over the world, who stop by Thien Lam Pagoda to worship and enjoy.

                                                                                                          Source: Thua Thien Hue Newspaper