At the National Conference on Tourism taking place on November 28, 2020 in Quang Nam province under the chairmanship of the Government Leader, many opinions of localities, businesses and associations highly appreciated the role in regulating tourism. coordination of the General Department of Tourism in linking tourism development in the new situation.

More than ever, in a tumultuous year due to the impact of Covid-19, association and cooperation are of such vital importance to the tourism industry.

In 2020, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted travel and tourism activities, and the supply chain of tourism services was disrupted. On the supply side, many businesses withdrew from the market, businesses still operating faced many difficulties in terms of resources and finance, many workers moved to other industries and fields. On the demand side, the pandemic brought economic difficulties, which narrowed the people's ability to travel, on the other hand, significantly changed the tastes of tourists. 2020 is a year that the entire tourism industry strives to respond to the Covid-19 epidemic and restore operations.

In difficult circumstances, resources are increasingly limited, localities and businesses see more clearly the importance of linkages and synergies. That is the link to respond, prevent the spread of disease, ensure the safety of visitors; jointly develop and implement programs to stimulate demand and restore tourism; and further is to link in policy making, product development, promotion, market exploitation ... to develop tourism in the new situation. However, if the implementation is not good, the affiliate programs may fall into a state of spontaneity, unsustainability and effectiveness.

After the Covid-19 epidemic was brought under control in the country, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism advised the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to launch a domestic tourism stimulus program in early May 2020 with the theme "People Vietnam to travel to Vietnam" and continue to launch phase 2 in September 2020 with the theme "Vietnamese tourism is safe and attractive" after the second epidemic is controlled.

The launch of the stimulus program in a uniform, synchronous and national scale with appropriate topics in each period has attracted the active participation of localities, tourist attractions, businesses. travel, hotel, shopping, entertainment, transportation, aviation... In particular, the program has the active participation of media agencies, so the spillover effect is wider and more attractive. interest and attention of residents and visitors.

At the same time, the National Administration of Tourism has continuously accompanied localities to launch tourism stimulus programs throughout the country with the spirit of association and unity to achieve high efficiency. This spirit has also been regularly emphasized by the leaders of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism at events and stimulus programs in localities. Especially in the link between service providers to form new products, quality, and really attractive prices to attract customers; tourism stimulus alliances between localities.

The effectiveness of the association and cooperation to stimulate tourism demand in 2020 is very clear. The number of domestic tourists increased sharply again, especially from May to July, sometimes higher than the same period in 2019 when there was no epidemic. Room occupancy increased again, especially on weekends. Airlines are constantly increasing flights and opening new routes.

At the national conference on tourism 2020, many opinions also emphasized the role of the National Administration of Tourism in linking tourism development in the new situation. Duong Phu Nam, General Director of Sun World Group, suggested that the National Administration of Tourism continue to coordinate the effective implementation of the program to stimulate domestic tourism, arouse the patriotism of the people, and join hands to serve the needs of the people. tourism recovery. Mr. Le Khac Hiep, Vice Chairman of Vingroup suggested that the National Administration of Tourism consider continuing to implement the tourism stimulus program in the long term and in specific phases.

Mr. Vu The Binh, Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, suggested that localities and businesses need to deploy links in a common direction, under the coordination of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. The role of conductor of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is very important in linking localities to develop tourism.

The comments also agreed that tourism is an integrated economic sector with interdisciplinary, inter-highland. Therefore, linkage is a core factor in tourism development and needs to be implemented in a methodical and oriented way to promote synergy. In the new situation, there are still many challenges, the close connection will help the tourism industry overcome difficulties, recover and develop sustainably in the coming time.

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